Paula Short
May 13, 2021

You met me there in the middle
of my sin. You told me to 
bring you my brokenness,
all of it, my innermost pieces.
my failures, sorrows, heartaches.
my illnesses and disabilities. My
worries, fears, anxiety, depression,
disbelief. You to me to
Lay them all down at your feet.

You met me in the middle of
my messy life. You told me to
bring you my secrets, hopes,
dreams. My desires, longings, and concerns. You said I could bring my thoughts
and musings. My reflections, faith, and belief. You told me I could bring them all. 
And, Lay them down at your feet.

When you met me in the middle, you said
you already know all of these things. But, 
you said to me, dear one. Come, Just as you are.
Come unto me, for I will transform you.
For you are mine.

Paula Short

Just an ordinary Christian women blogger traversing through the wilderness of an everyday mess. Seeking God in the everyday.